MST Project Resources

MST Project Resources

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Grade 9 – Learner’s Workbook
Learners use this workbook to complete all designs, planning and calculations for the device they are building.

Grade 9 – Learner’s Workbook (Afrikaans)
This is the Afrikaans translation of the Learner’s book for the MST anchor project. You are welcome to make these available to learners in provinces whose language of learning is Afrikaans.
Please note: this is still accompanied by the English Teacher’s book and English Resource Pack.

Grade 9 – Teacher’s Book
This is the teacher’s book for the Grade 9 MST project to guide the term 3 project.

Grade 9 – Teacher’s Project Notes
This document is a wonderful resource for MST teachers who need support with the planning of the project according to the ATP.

Grade 9 – Resource Pack
These are some extra handy resources for teachers to use while implementing the MST project.

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Dive into project-based learning in Term 3, where Learners showcase their skills, explore real-world connections, and develop essential 21st-century competencies.

Unleash the power of integrated projects and watch your Learners soar to success!

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