Discovering their natural inclinations is key to unlocking their true potential. The Inclinations Assessment will help Learners clarify their strengths, interests, and future career paths. With the assessment report as a guide, Learners can self-reflect and have meaningful conversations with parents and teachers.

The Inclinations Assessment is recommended to be done at the beginning of Term 3. Learners are encouraged to set aside approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted, distraction-free time to complete the assessment. It is an essential step in their journey towards determining key themes for subject choices in Grade 9.

Accessing the Inclinations Assessment with Ease

To get started with the Inclinations Assessment on WhatsApp, follow these steps to ensure a seamless experience for you and your learners:

Step 1: Save the number 060 060 3333 as “TeacherConnectchat” in your contacts.
Step 2: Send a WhatsApp message with the keyword “IGO” to TeacherConnectchat.
Step 3: Help your Learners register and select their language for the assessment.
Step 4: Dive into the assessment adventure as your Learners answer all the questions.
Step 5: Your Learners will receive a unique message containing their assessment results. Take the time to go through it with them.

For more information on how to complete the Inclinations Assessment on WhatsApp, please see this guide.

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Explore the Assessment Types

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Uncover your Learners’ unique talents and ignite a passion for career exploration!

Discovering Learners’ natural traits and strengths will take them on a journey of self-discovery, shaping a future where they can truly thrive.

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