2022 Curriculum Tests

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Welcome to the Curriculum Tests resource page! Here you’ll find a collection of materials designed to help you access and utilise curriculum tests effectively. These resources include all the downloadable curriculum test examples. Explore the links below to boost your understanding and support learners’ progress.

Access and Use:

These resources are here to assist you in preparing learners for curriculum assessments. Feel free to download and share the test examples, aligning your teaching approach with the national curriculum.

Click on the links below to access the document listed and the download will start automatically.

2022 Curriculum Tests Examples

Grade 9 Afrikaans FAL Test
Grade 9 Afrikaans HL Test
Grade 9 Afrikaans NS Test
Grade 9 EMS Afrikaans Test Paper 1
Grade 9 EMS Afrikaans Test Paper 2
Grade 9 EMS English Test Paper 1
Grade 9 EMS English Test Paper 2
Grade 9 English FAL Test
Grade 9 English HL Test
Grade 9 English NS Test
Grade 9 IsiNdebele HL Test
Grade 9 IsiXhosa HL Test
Grade 9 Isizulu HL Test
Grade 9 Maths Afrikaans Test
Grade 9 Maths English Test
Grade 9 Sepedi HL Test
Grade 9 Sesotho HL Test
Grade 9 Setswana HL Test
Grade 9 Siswati HL Test
Grade 9 Tshivenda HL Test
Grade 9 Xitsonga HL Test

These resources are designed to support both educators and learners in their curriculum test preparation journey.

Explore the Assessment Types

Click on each assessment type below to access the resources, tools and resources to help you implement the GEC.

Let’s embark on an exciting journey of Curriculum Assessment together, unlocking the potential within each Learner.

Join us in inspiring them to excel in key subjects and shape a brighter future!

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