Talk about: L for Learner Agency

  • Talk about: L for Learner Agency

    Posted by Susie on July 18, 2023 at 11:44 am

    🌟 Sometimes teachers are a little hesitant about the concept of Learner Agency – and we often hear the response of ‘I am scared I will lose control of my class’ and similar comments. 😬


    What if, instead of losing control, it helped you see the learners in your class fully engaged in their learning? Learner agency truly is a game-changer!

    Stay with us, and see what you think! 💭

    Learner agency means giving our learners the power to take control of their own educational adventures. 🚢📚 Imagine them as the captains of their learning ship, deciding what, when, and how they learn. It’s like unlocking their superpowers!

    📝 No more mere memorisation or following instructions. With learner agency, learners become active participants in their own learning. 🤩 They choose topics that genuinely interest them, explore various learning methods, and even set their own goals. It’s like turning a boring textbook lesson into an exciting documentary or a vibrant comic strip!

    Now, you might be wondering why learner agency is so important. Well, when learners have a say in their education, it ignites their motivation and makes learning meaningful. 🎯🔥 They become active explorers, discovering knowledge in ways that resonate with them. It’s like having the power to shape their own destiny as learners!

    When we enable learner agency and encourage our learners to steer their educational journeys, they are no longer passive passengers; they’re the drivers, navigators, and explorers, all rolled into one. 🗺️🔍🧭

    Ready to explore this further? Let’s open doors to self-discovery and endless possibilities, where learning becomes an exciting adventure they’ll cherish forever!

    Join in on a discussion right here today about enabling Learner Agency. 🗣️💡

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